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I seek to find the mystical in the ordinary. I believe
magic is all around us, but we discount it simply
because it exists. If a peacock were not real, it would
likely live in our imaginations as a mythical animal,
as magical as a unicorn. I want the viewer to see the
world anew, and to be reminded of the awe and
wonder that we take for granted in our everyday
lives. I know that in these current times, especially,
people are struggling for so many reasons. The
world can feel grey, dismal, and even hopeless. But
even during times of great strife, I want to help
people see that there is still beauty in the world, by
celebrating that sacred, magical “something” in my
art. I hope my work can serve as a moment of relief
from all the stress and burdens of the world, and as
a reminder of how beautiful life, the world, really is.

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